Episode 10: The Attendant

In the Lazarus Centers hundreds of people were brought back to life every day. People were resurrected according to the period they lived in. The righteous ones were awakened before their unrighteous contemporaries. The righteous ones were those that knew and served the Creator before they died. They were loyal to Him and to His earthly organization that preached the coming of His kingdom rule. The unrighteous ones were those that didn’t know the Creator and were given a chance to learn about Him.

It was assumed that a person that lived thousands of years before the Final War would be in shock if he was resurrected in this new world. To avoid this person feeling confused and lost, new Lazarus Centers were built with ‘Adjustment Environments.’ Those environments mirrored the conditions of the person’s time. Like in a historical movie set, clothing, architecture, climate, everything looked and felt just like the person’s previous reality. He would be welcomed in a familiar environment by one of his contemporaries and be slowly introduced to the present, while it was explained to him what was happening. At that present moment, the Lazarus Centers around the world were still working on Phase I of the resurrection process, which involved the resurrection of people from just a couple of centuries before the Final War. That day people were already lining up at the reception desk. It was going to be another busy day in Lazarus I.

“Good morning. Welcome to Lazarus I. Do you have an appointment?” said the attendant at the reception desk.

“Good morning, Brother,” said the next one in line. “My name is John Martin. I got this assignment,” he said, handing a glassy card to the attendant.

“Ok, John. Let me check it for you,” said the attendant. “Oh, yes. Welcome, Brother Martin. You are helping us with cleaning today, right?” he asked to confirm the information shown on his translucent monitor screen after scanning the glassy card.

“Yes,” John replied with a big smile.

“Great! Please, brother, take the elevator and go to the first floor. Once you get out of the elevator, look to your left, and right away, you will see the cleaning department’s reception. Ask for Brother Mark. He will give you more instructions, ok?”

“First floor, get out, turn left, Mark. Got it. Thanks.”

“I thank you, Brother. Have fun,” said the attendant. “Next, please.” He requested.

“Hello Brother, good morning,” said the lady next in line approaching the desk.

“Hi. Welcome to Lazarus I. Do you have an appointment?” 

“Yes,” she said before bursting into tears.

“What happened?” asked the attendant.

“Sorry, Brother,” said the man accompanying the crying lady. “We came to welcome our daughter. Here, this is our assignment card,” he continued giving the attendant his card. “She is scheduled to be resurrected today.”

“Oh, wow. Congratulations!” Exclaimed the attendant overly excited making some turn their heads. “Oh, sorry,” he said, now almost whispering. “It’s my first day. I still get too excited.” 

“That is all right,” the man replied. “We can’t get over it either.” 

“Yes. That is correct,” said the attendant getting confirmation on his monitor. “Congratulations, Brother and sister Lima. Indeed. Your daughter is going to wake up today.”

“Oh, my Brother,” sister Lima said, leaning over the reception desk and giving the attendant a big hug. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

“This is a special day, right sister Lima?” the attendant said, hugging her back. “Look. Normally I request someone to accompany the families to the Resurrection Center. But, my shift is almost over now, and if you don’t mind, I would like to take you to your daughter. Is that ok?”

“Yes, of course, my Brother. Thank you.”

“Ok. Give me a minute.”


The attendant finished his shift, and someone else took his place at the reception. Brother and sister Lima were accompanied by their other children and some of their close friends. The attendant led the group to the elevator and pushed a button on the panel. The elevator closed its transparent doors, and it started to move down. For most of them, this was their first time inside the Resurrection Center of Lazarus. The descent unveiled a colossal high-tech structure. It looked like going down through a giant beehive made of steel, glass, and lights. Family Lima and their friends were amazed by the view. The attendant got a thrill every time he went down those floors. That tour always brought back good memories. Memories that made him grin whenever he thought of them. 

“The Resurrection Center has a total of ten floors,” the attendant said. “The other Lazarus centers have different configurations, but here, the floors are divided between righteous and unrighteous. As you can imagine, we need more floors dedicated to the resurrection of unrighteous than righteous ones. Every floor has hundreds of individual welcome rooms. Sorry. I can’t give you the precise numbers. I am not the one normally doing the tours. Did I mention this is my first day?” The group kept staring outside, showing no reaction to the attendant’s question. He smiled and continued. “Anyways. Every welcome room has an ‘Awakening Room,’ where the person wakes up, and a waiting room, where family and friends gather to wait and finally welcome the resurrected one. And, here we are. The Nursery Floor.” The attendant said, exiting the elevator and walking straight ahead.

“A nursery floor. Of course,” said Brother Lima.

“Yes. Your daughter Lidia was only four months old when she died, right?”

“How do you know her name and age?” asked sister Lima, surprised.

“It showed in her record,” the attendant replied.

“I still can’t believe this is happening. I was not sure if I would ever see my baby girl again,” said Brother Lima.

I never doubted,” said sister Lima. “I always knew my Creator would bring her and her sister back.”

“Our Creator has a great memory. And He is always eager to make you happy, isn’t He?” said the attendant leading them through the corridors passing by many windows. Every window showed a welcome room decorated as for a child’s party, full of people celebrating the resurrection of babies together with their parents. The group got mesmerized by every window, making it hard for some of them to keep up with the attendant’s pace. “Now, welcome to Lidia’s welcome room.” proclaimed the attendant. Family Lima and their friends were overwhelmed with emotions once they saw the room. It was all decorated. There were balloons, baby girls’ toys, and signs saying: ‘Welcome Lidia.’

“That is just amazing,” said Brother Lima.

“Do you like it?” asked the attendant. “It’s nothing fancy. Just something small. This is our way to share in your joy. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind?” said sister Lima. “I love it!” she exclaimed and hugged the attendant again. This time the whole group joined them in a big family embrace.

“Thank you so very much. What is your name, son?” asked Brother Lima.

“My name is Levi,” the attendant replied.


“Hey, Levi. Over here,” said Marcel waiting in Lazarus’ busy lobby. Levi waved at Marcel, moving through the people towards him.

“You are late, man!” said Marcel. “Hey. What is the matter?” He asked, noticing that Levi had been crying.

“Do you ever get used to it?” Levi asked.

“Many resurrections, huh?”

“Gets me every time,” Levi replied.

“Who is the sentimental one, now?” Marcel said, teasing Levi. “It’s amazing, right? It’s really hard not to get emotional. But, you get used to it, yes.” He said while putting his arm around Levi’s shoulders. They walked together to the building’s exit. “Hey, bro! Let’s celebrate your first day at your new assignment.”

“Yes. Sounds like a plan,” Levi replied with a smile.

“I will take you to a special place today. You are going to love it. I know this Brother that loves cooking and having people over. He built a sort of inn where he enjoys spoiling his guests. We got to meet him on our last family trip riding horses in the mountains. He is a super nice guy. And his food is, how can I describe it?”

“Perfect,” Levi said, stating the obvious.

“Haha. Funny. But, yes. It’s a wonder in itself.”

“All this because I got a new assignment?”

“It’s not just any assignment. This is Lazarus. Pretty good for a ‘freshman.’ Freshman. Got it?” Marcel said, joking. 

“Not funny,” Levi replied with a blank stare.

“Besides,” Marcel continued. “We didn’t get the chance to celebrate your baptism properly. Just me and you. Isn’t that right, Brother Adams?”

“Oh, yeah. That is true.”

“Not to mention your big day coming up, right? How are you feeling? Are you as nervous as the first time.”

“Not yet. Getting there, though,” Levi said.

Levi is enjoying his new assignment. What assignment would you like to have in this New World? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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