Episode 12: Expecting

The yellow New York cab stopped in front of the large golden gate featuring an intricate design of leafy ornamental scrolls.

“It’s me,” she yelled from the backseat of the cab to the guard in the guardhouse by the gate.

“Oh, welcome home, Miss. Greenfield,” said the guard.

The golden gates opened slowly as the yellow cab entered the premises. The short trip along the driveway was designed to impress its visitors. Beautiful gardens with an imperial style landscape. Bushes and hedges shaped in the form of swans, deer, and other wild animals. Marble sculptures of Greek gods led the way. Dense wood guarded the surroundings. The cab drove around the fountain and stopped at the steps of the mansion’s main entrance. The view of the mansion was awe-inspiring. Its French Classicism style made you feel like you were visiting a palace in France. 

“Wait here,” she said to the driver and got out of the car with difficulty, carrying only her bag and blazing anger. The stairway posed even more challenges before she got to the massive front door.

“Good afternoon, Miss. Greenfield. What a pleasant surprise,” said the butler, welcoming her by the door.

“For crying out loud, James. How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? Where is Mom?” She inquired.

“Sorry, Miss. Greenfield. I’ll announce your visit at once.”

“No need, James. I will do it myself. Where is she?” she demanded impatiently.

“Sorry, ma’am. Mrs. Greenfield is in the study, ma’am.”

She climbed up the stairs as fast as her blood pressure allowed. She got to the upper floor and burst into the study.

“Anne!” Mrs. Greenfield exclaimed, startled by her daughter’s abrupt entry. “What is this? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“Mom, please tell me that it’s not true,” Anne demanded.

“What are you doing here? Where is Levi? Did you come from Maryland by yourself?” Mrs. Greenfield asked, concerned.

“Mom, you have to promise to tell me the truth, ok?”

“What are you talking about, sweetheart? Calm down. You shouldn’t be exerting yourself like that in your condition. It is not good for your baby.”

“I’m pregnant! Not sick!” Anne replied before she suddenly felt dizzy and weak.

“Oh, my goodness, Anne!” Mrs. Greenfield said, running towards Anne and catching her before she fell. “James! James! Help!” She screamed.

“What happened, madam?” James asked, rushing into the room short of breath.

“Call the doctor. She just passed out,” said Mrs. Greenfield.

“No, no. I’m fine,” Anne said, trying to sit up.

“The doctor is on his way, ma’am,” James said.

“Please, James. Leave us alone,” Anne requested. “I need to talk with Mom.”

“Anne, stop it. You will hurt your baby,” Mrs. Greenfield reprimanded her 

“No. I have to. It’s important. I’m fine,” Anne asserted, standing up with her mother and James’ help, and sitting in the chair across the table. “Thank you, James. But now, please.” 

Mrs. Greenfield nodded, and James left the room, closing the door behind him.

“What is so important that you put your pregnancy at risk like that, Anne? Have you lost your mind?” Mrs. Greenfield asked.

“Just promise to tell me the truth, Mom.”

“The truth about what?”

“Is it true that you and Dad are selling guns to terrorists?”

“What?” Mrs. Greenfield yelled, moving a step back. “What nonsense is this now, Anne? Who told you that?”

“The FBI, Mom. The FBI.”

“What do you mean, ‘the FBI’?”

“An agent contacted me yesterday at my home, asking questions and threatening me. He told me that if I don’t cooperate with their investigation, he will put me in jail as your accomplice. Tell me, Mom. Why is the FBI investigating us? What is going on?”

“FBI?” Mrs. Greenfield mumbled turning pale. “I have to call your Dad.”

“Oh, no! So it’s true,” Anne said in shock.

“Anne, what did he say?” Mrs. Greenfield said, holding Anne by her shoulders. “You have to tell me exactly what he said.”

“He said something about an international criminal organization made up of powerful people, and that you and Dad were involved with them. He gave me this.” 

Anne took a picture from her bag and handed it to her mother. Mrs. Greenfield took it and panicked. It was a picture of Mr. Greenfield, young USA Senator Mike Shorts, Tomas Skar, the chairman of Global Bank of Business and Development (GBBD), and General Karenzi, responsible for the genocide in Rwanda’s civil war.

“He said he has evidence to put all of us in jail. But, if we come forward and give him the information he needs, to catch the bigger fish he is after, he could give us a deal and put us in witness protection.” Anne continued. “So, it’s true, isn’t it? You guys are selling guns on the black market.”

“Yes. It is true,” Mr. Greenfield said, entering the room unexpectedly.

“Dad? No!” Anne screamed, bursting into tears. “Why? What have you done?”

“You don’t understand. It had to be done. I can explain,” Anne’s father said.

“I can’t believe this. It is true, and you just confessed it.”

“Anne, let me explain.”

“No, no, no!” Anne shouted and ran out of the room. “I don’t want any explanation. I’m pregnant. I’m getting married. I will not go to prison because of you.”

“Anne, calm down, please. You will hurt the baby,” her mother urged.

“Come back here, Anne,” her father demanded. “No one is going to prison.” 

“I know I’m not. Not so sure about you,” Anne said, taking out an audio-recorder and playing back the recording.

Anne: “So, it’s true, isn’t it? You guys are selling guns in the black market.”

Mr. Greenfield: “Yes. It is true.” Anne stopped the recording.

“Anne, please!” Anne’s mother fell  on her knees and begged.

“Anne!” Her father called out, raising his voice and losing his temper. “Give me this tape. Nobody is going to prison. I promise you.”

“No. I am taking this to the feds, now!” Anne said, running down the stairs. Her father ran behind her and forcefully tried to take the audio-recorder from her hands. They struggled. She fought back, not letting go of the recorder. 

“Take your hands off me!” Anne yelled. Her father let go of her. She tripped, fell down the stairs, and hit the bottom of the stairs unconscious.


“Next thing I know,” Anne continued. “I was in a hospital bed with Levi by my side, holding my hand crying. That day I lost my baby. And I never saw my parents again,” she said while moving the roller with blue paint on it, up and down the wall.

“Anne, I’m so sorry,” June said.

“That is ok,” Anne replied. 

“What about the FBI agent?” June asked, burning with curiosity.

“Never heard of him again,” Anne said, putting the roller down and grabbing a chair.

“Anne, it must have been very difficult for you. I can’t even imagine it,” June said while resuming painting the white wall across the room.

“It’s all in the past now,” Anne said. “What matters is that I will have my baby back,” Anne said, sitting in the chair by the window and looking at Levi and Marcel working together outside.

“That is amazing. How are you feeling?” June said, putting her brush away and sitting beside Anne.

“You know. When I learned about our Creator and got to know him personally, deep in my heart, I believed that he could bring my child back. I was twenty-two weeks pregnant when I lost my son. I already loved him so much. And I never really stopped thinking about him until the day I died. But, God is so loving and good that I don’t have to miss my baby anymore. Just a few days before our second wedding, I got the confirmation. I will have my son back. I have never been this happy, June.” Anne said, getting emotional.

“Wow. I’m so happy for you,” June said, getting closer to Anne and holding her hands. They shed tears of joy for a moment. 

“Auntie, Anne!” Sarah came in shouting.

“Hi, my dear. Come here,” Anne said, hugging young Sarah.

“Daddy said your baby will be resurrected?” Sarah asked.

“Well,” Anne hesitated for a moment looking for words to explain the situation to a child.

“So, you have to go to Lazarus? Can I come too?” Sarah asked, full of enthusiasm.

“No, baby. I don’t have to go to Lazarus,” Anne responded.

“Sarah, darling,” June said. “Remember the story of Mary. Jesus’ mother when he was on Earth.”

“Yes,” Sarah answered.

“Remember how Mary got pregnant with Jesus?”

“Yes!” Sarah replied, excited because she knew the answer. “God put the baby in her belly.”

“Exactly. Auntie Anne’s baby wasn’t born yet when he died. God can put the little baby back in auntie’s belly, and he will grow, and this time he can be born,” June explained.

“Really?” Sarah asked, fascinated.

“Yes. Really,” Anne confirmed.

“But you don’t have a big belly, auntie Anne. How do you know you have a baby?”

“I don’t have a belly yet, Sarah,” Anne replied with a smile. “But, I’m sure God is going to give a big belly soon.”

“How do you know that?” Sarah asked, puzzled.

“Remember when you learned at school about our Kings?”

“Huh, huh,” Sarah confirmed nodding ‘yes’ and said: “One hundred and forty-four thousand.”

“Very good. Before going to heaven, they lived on Earth, right? Remember, how they knew they were going to be kings in heaven?”

“God’s active force made them sure.”

“Wow, well done!” Anne said, impressed. “Exactly. They were convinced. They had no doubt, right? In the same way, I’m also convinced. I have no doubt.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t an angel that talked to you about your baby? Mary talked to an angel, you know?” Sarah asserted. Anne and June broke down in laughter.

“Yes. You’re right, baby. She did talk to an angel,” Anne said.

“Does he have a name, Anne?” June asked.

“We choose to call him Matthias.”

“Beautiful name, Auntie!” Sarah exclaimed. “What does it mean?”

“It means ‘Gift of Jehovah.’

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  1. Great to know that Jehovah God knows us inside out and he knows our worries and he knows how to fix it according to our strength and weaknesses.
    Keeping our faith strong is the key!
    Most importantly is the simple and straight forward english explanatiion of the situation of the acts in the stories!
    Breath taking! Thumbs up!!

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